About me

I’m a communications and multimedia design student currently living in Odense. Curiosity is what drives me and keeps me motivated to improve myself. I’m a perfectionist, eager to learn and an introvert in disguise. I’m also slightly eccentric – when designing I like to create something that is out of the ordinary, pops with color and has a bit of humor.
My passion lies in coding, I love how this simple language has the possibility to create something that is visually stunning.

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My projects so far have been very versatile – I have worked with personal branding, visual identity, market research, design and coding. I enjoyed it all, but I prefer front-end web development.
You can see my work in the following tiles.

Visual identity of my portfolio website
Samuels gården website
Factory of Imagination website
Man-fred's visual identity
Odense Bunkermuseum app
Graphic work

I believe code can be just as clean and elegant as the design we are creating. I would like an opportunity to get more knowledge and experience so my code could become just that.

I would like to hear from you

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